Testimonials: Women in Global Policy Alumnae

Our 2021 Women in Global Policy seminar is just around the corner so we've compiled testimonials from several of our Women in Global Policy alumnae. Keep reading to learn how attending this seminar can empower you, expand your knowledge, advance your career, and give you an invaluable network!

From One Generation to the Next to the Next

My experience at the Public Leadership Education Network’s (PLEN) Women in Health Policy seminar was inspirational, empowering, and offered invaluable experience and knowledge that I plan to pass on to the next generation of women leaders on the TWU campus. This three-day seminar was packed with opportunities to learn from and interact with, women leading … Continue reading From One Generation to the Next to the Next

PLEN Gave Me New Avenues to Explore

I learned about this seminar through a previous PLEN Ambassador, Lauren Golliday, from my university. She encouraged me to get more involved with the legal community. I felt it was important to attend Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy because I wanted to surround myself with other professionals and students who are doing the same things … Continue reading PLEN Gave Me New Avenues to Explore

How PLEN Made Me More Self-Aware

I learned about PLEN my freshman year of college but I put it off for years. Coming from an immigrant working class family, I did not think I would be able to afford the trip. However, with the help of my government professor and a previous PLEN ambassador, I was encouraged to sign up my … Continue reading How PLEN Made Me More Self-Aware