The Plenary

An Ear for Equality: Our Favorite Women-Run Podcasts

This month, Ash Ngu at The Pudding analyzed the gender breakdown of airtime on This American Life, arguably the most iconic radio program and podcast on the airwaves. Despite employing a majority-female staff, she found that men are getting more airtime than women. Ngu breaks the numbers down by contributors, interviewees, and guests. With Ngu’s [...]

PLEN Provided Me with Resources to Be a Leader in STEM Policy

This past January, I had the privilege of attending PLEN’s Women in STEM Policy seminar, and it was an invaluable experience that greatly expanded my perspective on public policy. Before attending the seminar, I had only a vague understanding of the policy field. In my limited knowledge, I equated “careers in policy” with “lobbying on [...]

PLEN Reaffirmed My Goal to Work in Healthcare Policy on the Hill

I first learned about PLEN from my advisor and she thought it would be a great experience for me. Since I am pursuing my Masters of Public Health focusing on policy and administration within healthcare, I felt that the Women in STEM Policy seminar would be a great supplemental experience to my education. I am [...]

Fighting Doubts, Gaining Confidence, and Valuing Women Who Support Women

I learned about PLEN through students from my school, St. Lawrence University, who had attended PLEN seminars in past years. The Women in STEM Policy seminar exceeded my expectations; we heard from an incredible variety of accomplished women who spoke to us about their career and how they’ve come to where they are now. Two [...]