Seminar FAQs

Who can attend a PLEN seminar?

PLEN is dedicated to preparing students for roles in public policy leadership. PLEN is designed for undergraduate students and recent graduates from any college or university who are committed to increasing the number of women and marginalized gender groups in top leadership positions influencing all aspects of the public policy process.

How do I register for a PLEN seminars?

PLEN uses online registration.  Learn more about our seminars and registration deadlines.

Why are there different fees for the same seminar?

Each seminar has a multi-tiered fee structure based on whether a student is attending from a member institution or from an institution that is not a PLEN member.  Find out if your school is a member institution.  Learn how to make your university a PLEN member institution.

Can I receive academic credit for attending a PLEN seminar?

Many students receive academic credit for attending a PLEN seminar. Check with your academic advisor to see if your college or university grants credit for participation in a PLEN seminar. Students typically receive between 1 and 3 credits, depending on the PLEN seminar and the requirements of your advisor and institution. Some faculty members may require that you complete a paper or independent study/research project in conjunction with the PLEN seminar to receive credit. 

If I have recently graduated, can I still attend a PLEN seminar?

Yes, you may still attend a PLEN seminar. Our students come from a variety of academic backgrounds and they are all at different stages in their academic careers.

What kinds of activities will I be participating in during a PLEN seminar?

Each seminar has its own format based on the topic of the seminar, and you should look at past seminar schedules to get a better idea of what the seminar activities will look like. However, all PLEN seminars contain professional development activities such as networking, resume workshops, and salary negotiation. Most seminars also include an evening networking reception and additional opportunities to bond with your peers and meet public policy leaders working in a variety of professional fields.

What does a typical day during the seminar look like?

Depending on the seminar, a day can last anywhere from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with additional activities and dinner receptions taking place later in the evening. The content of the seminar will vary from day to day, and may include site visits to various organizations and Federal agencies around D.C., trips to Capitol Hill, meeting with public policy leaders from a variety of fields, and participating in professional development workshops. We also try to set aside time during every seminar for students to do some sightseeing around D.C. and to bond with their peers.

What is appropriate dress for the seminars?

You should plan on dressing in a business professional manner for the seminar sessions (trousers/skirts and blouses/blazers, etc.). We move around the city on most days and transportation will be by foot and subway, which may result in being on your feet for extended periods. Comfortable, yet appropriate shoes are a very good idea. Depending on the time of year, you should also bring warm, comfortable clothes for sightseeing on your time off.

How does transportation work during the seminar?

Students are responsible for their own transportation around D.C. PLEN will provide you with information about the D.C. metro system, which is very easy to use and conveniently located near all seminar meeting spaces. Students often choose to travel together to and from the hotel. A PLEN staff member will meet students at the Carlyle Suites hotel on the first morning of the seminar to show them how to find and use the metro system.