PLEN Gave Me New Avenues to Explore

I learned about this seminar through a previous PLEN Ambassador, Lauren Golliday, from my university. She encouraged me to get more involved with the legal community. I felt it was important to attend Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy because I wanted to surround myself with other professionals and students who are doing the same things I want to do. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to explore more options about my career choices.

I’ve been to PLEN programs a few times before, but this time was as a PLEN Ambassador for my school. I was able to lead in my own way, and my new friends appreciated the candid moments we shared. The greatest takeaway I got was to keep improving and crafting my skills. I learned to stay prepared for my opportunity of a lifetime. Networking and following up with others also opens doors to future jobs or internships.

The seminar was overwhelming, but in a good way. There are so many more things that I can do with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Juris Doctorate degree. The possibilities are limitless. The seminar affirmed that I should pursue an advanced degree and get some experience. The seminar did not change my plans, but it gave me ideas of other avenues I want to explore.


Nicole Douglas attended the 2016 Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy seminar as a senior at Texas Woman’s University.


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