You Don’t Need to Be a Political Science Major to Work in Policy

The PLEN Women in STEM Policy Seminar was an amazing experience for me. This opportunity allowed me to leave Minnesota and its political sphere and immerse myself in the nation's capital.


A PLEN alumna from last year recommended this seminar to me once I told her about my aspirations. Also, my college is a member institution and even has an alumna on the Board of Directors! I felt like I needed to attend this seminar because I have a passion for technology and all things government/policy.


This seminar blew my expectations out of the ballpark. Every participant was professional and we got to meet so many inspirational women across STEM fields. From meeting brilliant women on Capitol Hill to discussing diversity with women at NASA!

Overall, I learned that you do not have to be a political science major to have a career in STEM policy. This realization came to me after talking with fellow PLEN attendees who were also thinking about interning or working in Washington someday. Consequently, this seminar gave me a chance to explore and understand  the policy field. I am currently majoring in Computer Science at the College of Saint Benedict, and I hope to return to D.C. for internship at the federal level this summer.



If you're interested in learning more about how you can use your non-political major in a STEM policy career, register for the Women in STEM Policy seminar today!




Nimco Hussein attended the 2017 Women in STEM Policy seminar during her freshman year at the College of Saint Benedict.

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