PLEN Reaffirmed My Goal to Work in Healthcare Policy on the Hill

I first learned about PLEN from my advisor and she thought it would be a great experience for me. Since I am pursuing my Masters of Public Health focusing on policy and administration within healthcare, I felt that the Women in STEM Policy seminar would be a great supplemental experience to my education. I am looking into careers that will get me closer to the Hill so I can really work to make a difference in healthcare policy in the US, so with this seminar taking place in DC, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to go!

There were great pieces of advice that came out of the seminar week, including great insight into the experiences of women on the Hill. These stories were really inspiring to anyone, as they could be applied to any job, anywhere.  Additionally, it was really reaffirming to hear firsthand from women currently in the field that it is okay and necessary to stand up for what you know you deserve. It was great to hear that when a job or boss is not meeting your expectations and not open to conversation, compromise, or negotiation, it is more than okay to walk away. Another great take away and piece of advice from this seminar was to definitely have comfortable walking shoes and bring your fancy shoes in your bag!

The week in DC was definitely inspirational and reaffirmed my aspirations to become a woman on the Hill working within STEM policy and making US healthcare a better system for all our citizens!

If you're interested in learning more about STEM careers on Capitol Hill, register for the 2018 Women in STEM Policy seminar today!


Sara Johnson attended the Women in STEM Policy seminar as a Masters of Public Health candidate at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She attended this seminar with a scholarship sponsored by the Hopper Dean Foundation.

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