PLEN Speakers Exemplify Female Empowerment

I heard about PLEN through Phi Alpha Delta, an international pre-law fraternity that has provided me with countless leadership and development skills. However, the chance to attend PLEN’s Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy Seminar might be one of the most influential opportunities I have received from PAD. I was expecting a weekend full of informative talks from amazing women in D.C., but it ended up being more than I ever could have imagined. The women who spoke with us were powerful, put together, inspirational, tough, smart, and so much more. They were all so dedicated to our success that they were willing to speak individually with us about our goals whenever we asked, demonstrating the female empowerment that young women need.

I learned a great deal from these women, but above all I realized that everything is going to work out. There are countless opportunities out there for me and all the other women who attended to make a difference and all of us are setting ourselves up well to make it there. I was so encouraged by their remarkable stories, returning home with more fervor for my field than ever before. After attending this PLEN seminar, all of my goals were reaffirmed and I feel more confident than ever that I have the ability to make it as a woman in law.


Erica Cherry attended the 2016 Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy seminar as a junior at the University of Kentucky.

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