I Can Do This. I Can Be Here. I Can Work Here and Make a Difference.

As a first generation female student interested in pursuing a career in the field of law, I felt insecure about law school, law careers, and what they entail. PLEN changed that. The Women, Law and Legal Advocacy seminar transformed the way I see the field of law and made me feel more knowledgeable about what one can do with a law degree, aware of what opportunities I have as a woman interested in law, and inspired me to one day become an active member in my community through a career in law.

I was made aware of this program through my cultural sorority’s staff advisor, who is also the Associate Director of Career Services at San Diego State University. When I learned about the powerful things PLEN does through educating women about public policy, law, and leadership, I felt empowered and knew I wanted to be part of this incredible organization. I knew that PLEN would offer nothing more than exceptional educational services to everyone attending the Women, Law and Legal Advocacy seminar. PLEN exceeded my expectations with the caliber of guest speakers they hosted, including powerful individuals making differences I see myself making one day not too far away. I was honored to hear and learn from fabulous speakers like Gina Adams (Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at FedEx), Erica Bailey (Attorney Advisor, D.C. Office of the Inspector General and PLEN Alumna), Kaye Meier (Legislative Director, Office of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and the Female Law Clerks of the Supreme Court, amongst several other outstanding individuals.

In addition to interacting with inspiring guest speakers, PLEN gave us the opportunity of visiting the Supreme Court, Senate building, and explore around Capitol Hill. As we were walking through Capitol Hill, I realized, “I can do this. I can be here. I can work here and make a difference. I want to follow the example of all these incredible leaders we are meeting and become an agent of change.”

I am extremely grateful for PLEN and their outstanding staff. By granting me this scholarship, they have made a profound positive impact in my life that is worth more than I can ever repay. I am glad that I challenged myself and traveled to Washington, D.C. alone, not knowing what to expect, because the experience made a long-lasting impact. You have to be there to experience the amazing things PLEN has to offer women like me, women like you: women eager to be agents of change in the field of law.


Yaneth Mora Lopez attended the 2016 Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy seminar as a senior at San Diego State University.

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