Every Person is Important for Social Change

I first heard about PLEN from the Office of Leadership and Student Development at Cedar Crest College.  When I looked into the various seminars, I immediately knew I wanted to attend the Unlocking Nonprofits: Innovations and Careers seminar.

This seminar highlighted not only nonprofit work, but leadership, advocacy, and service.  These are all aspects of career development I needed to build upon my passions, so I can make a difference in the world.  While the idea of making a difference in the world can seem overwhelming at times, the women leading in the fields of service, nonprofit, and advocacy work, who dedicated their time to us, expressed how truly important each person is to social change.

I expected PLEN to be an enriching experience, but it went beyond my expectations.  This experience turned into focus, direction, skill building, and networking.  I have taken away so many incredible pieces of information from various leaders, and this has helped me to see the nonprofit world in a new way.  My passions for speaking and advocating about caregiving and so many other issues, has grown.  I felt a kinship with not only the talented women who attended with me, but also with the women who spoke to us and took time to answer questions.  I realized how much can be accomplished when coalitions are formed, and I was instilled with a greater level of self-confidence.  

I plan to take this experience and use it to help me on the road to my career.  I have found my voice through education, but I have found validation through my connections at PLEN.  I feel more prepared to take on the challenges that plague work in the nonprofit world because I know the rewards will be greater.  Thank you so much for this enlightening seminar, and I am truly grateful for having met so many accomplished and inspiring women.


tina o'toole


As a senior at Cedar Crest College, Tina O’Toole received a PLEN Scholarship to attend the 2015 Unlocking Nonprofits seminar.

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