One Idea Can Lead to Infinite Possibilities

I learned about PLEN through a woman I networked with who is from the DC area. I had never heard of the organization but, upon one look at their website I knew that it was something that I was interested in being a part of. Honestly, I thought that PLEN was something I’d be fortunate enough to attend in a year or so. I had no idea that I would have the great privilege of being chosen as one of the scholarship recipients this year.

PLEN holds many annual seminars, but I chose Unlocking Nonprofits because it was something that I felt I could learn and grow from. I had always heard of the term “non-profit” but had no idea of their reach, impact, or structure until I attended this seminar. As the founder of a new student organization on my campus this seminar really inspired me about the possibilities that one idea can lead to. I would have never imagined that organizations such as “The DC Diaper Bank”, which I had heard of through television, would have been started by one woman in her own home. The knowledge as well as the inspiration I gained is invaluable. Words could never describe how thankful I am for being chosen as a scholarship recipient, but my future actions certainly will.

As a Sophomore in college, I can see myself attending another PLEN seminar before graduation. The dedication and passion of the staff, mixed with the earnestness of the speakers, all intermingled with being in our nations great capitol is absolutely invigorating. It is something that I would encourage every young woman to apply to, even if you are unsure what you want to do with your career. PLEN is truly an educational experience, and will forever be one of my most memorable experiences.

I would like to thank the PLEN staff once again, as I would not have gained any of the invaluable information I’ve taken away from the seminar without them. I am proud to now call myself a PLEN alumna and I will continuously pass on the torch of information to other women who are just as curious and passionate as I am. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Get involved and attend a PLEN seminar.


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During her sophomore year at University of Texas at Tyler, Armetta Roy received a PLEN scholarship to attend the 2015 Unlocking Nonprofits seminar.


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