Creating a Network of Connections with the Women of PLEN

Throughout the three-day Law and Legal Advocacy seminar, I kept hearing about the need for networking. Most of the speakers constantly reiterated the importance of professional networking in the workplace. This is something I had not paid much attention to prior to attending the seminar, as for me networking with professionals in the areas of my interest was out of my reach. Until PLEN made it possible, I had not had the opportunity to meet someone who had studied law or worked on Capitol Hill.

Willing then to take advantage of all I could learn and then incorporate it into my life, I settled in with my cup of matcha latte to listen to presentations by brilliant and accomplished women in the field of law and legal practice. Not only was I able to interact with the speakers, but also with students from other parts of the country who, like me, were eager to make it an unforgettable experience. The sessions were different from any other I had previously attended on Zoom. At the seminar, we really enjoyed the unique experience of being mentored by women well prepared in their careers and started to make valuable connections from day one. These were the advantages we had as PLEN students and as women to benefit from the preparation needed to successfully meet the challenges of the job market.

My favorite session was the Networking 101 workshop, which provided me with very practical tips on how to build professional networks. I immediately understood how crucial it is to invest time in getting to know others. The workshop emphasized the potential of inviting people out for coffee to get to know them better, as they can contribute positively to my professional growth throughout my career. I learned how convenient it is to keep track of my networking in Excel, which allows me to organize and maintain my contacts, making it easier for me to send them follow-up or thank you emails after we meet. These are just a few of the many valuable things they taught me and which I have since put into practice.

I am now part of a great community of inspirational women that I can access for career guidance and for that I feel very fortunate. I will continue to put into practice what I have learned in these three days and continue to expand my network. It has been a unique experience that I will treasure forever in my heart. PLEN gave me access to a safe and supportive network of diverse women, providing me with a place to connect, communicate, and share experiences that did not end after the Law and Legal Advocacy seminar.

Laura Landetta attended the 2021 Law and Legal Advocacy Seminar. She is a recent graduate of Broward College, and plans to soon transfer to a four-year university.

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