Reflections from the Women in Global Policy Seminar

My name is Lotus Johnson. I am a Junior at The University of Texas at San Antonio studying Global Affairs. My proposed focus is on women’s liberation advocacy and environmental policy. I attended the 2021 PLEN Women in Global Policy seminar. While there, I was very surprised to observe a panel where the discussion that took place validated an essay I wrote for my midterm. It was about how the rising sea levels will change the future of global trade by sea. 

At the seminar, I learned that women can be in fields that are predominantly men and execute work functions just as well internationally. I learned that opportunities for women to be in this field kept them from having families up to about 30 years ago. Additionally, I now know that accepting a career that isn’t your original major is a good idea. It is beneficial to know your strengths from every job you have and take lessons to your next one. I am a person who cringes at the idea of joining a sorority, however being part of PLEN has juxtaposed my previous ideas about a league of empowered women. 

The guest speakers and panelists were just as excited about the seminar as we were. They were patient enough to accept our questions and explain what it is like to be in their career fields. 

What motivated me throughout the seminar was the hope that I could achieve my goal to graduate with a master’s degree while also exploring opportunities to transition into the field of global policy. I cannot wait to work further with PLEN in the future to give back the opportunity they have bestowed on me.

Lotus Johnson attended the 2021 Women in Global Policy seminar. She is a Junior at the University of Texas at San Antonio majoring in Global Affairs.

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