Being Around Powerful Women – A Unique, Empowering Opportunity:

In the future, I want to make the life of disadvantaged people, especially women, better through my career. I want to highlight the problems existing in today’s world to provoke thoughts, and thereby action, which makes a difference to both an individual’s perspective of society as well as the society itself. 

Vineesha and other students at the PLEN 40th anniversary celebration.

The PLEN Women in Global Policy Seminar gave me a unique opportunity to interact with women policymakers from all around the world and broaden my networks. I had a productive time networking with like-minded people and learning from my peers. It was a great platform to express my voice, advocate for gender equality, and expand my horizon of knowledge. 

The experience I gained from this seminar is not something that can be expressed in words. Most of it was based on practical encounters and conversations I had with people. For example, spending one whole day at the Department of State and listening to the stories of women, their struggles, and the impact they are making despite oppression was very empowering. Learning about developing symbiotic relationships was also a great asset.

One of the most important lessons I learned from this seminar is that - “Diplomacy is understanding why they want what they want”

Vineesha Badabhagni graduated with a master’s degree in social policy from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. She currently works as an intern for the City Government of Philadelphia. She is looking forward to working in government to make the lives of people better through data-driven and value-based policy. Vineesha attended the PLEN Women in Global Policy Seminar in 2019.

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