Experiencing Washington DC in a New Way

The PLEN Women in STEM Policy seminar gave me opportunities to experience D.C. in a way you wouldn't normally do as a tourist. I found the copious amounts of panels and qualified speakers very effective in helping shape my understanding of the STEM policy field. I hope to continue to move forward in my STEM career and branch off into the policy sector. Making valuable connections with the speakers allowed me to expand upon my network in D.C. and gain valuable knowledge and actionable goals to achieve. I am thankful for the scholarship I was able to receive from PLEN and for all the work they put into connecting us with female leaders in the industry.

If you're interested in gaining the knowledge and connections you need to launch a career in STEM policy, register for the 2018 Women in STEM Policy seminar today.




Hannah Rycerz attended the 2017 Women in STEM Policy seminar as a senior at Carlow University. She received a scholarship to attend this seminar from the Hopper Dean Foundation.

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