Women in STEM Matter

I heard about PLEN through my college's career center. I felt the need to attend this seminar because I'm a chemistry major who plans to have a career in the STEM field and also because I've never heard of STEM policy, so I wanted to see what it was all about. The seminar exceeded my expectations. I got the opportunity to meet other college women who have the same interest in STEM as I do, I learned about careers that I had no idea existed, I got the opportunity to network with great women who provided much needed advice, and also I made new "sisters.” This seminar gave me confidence in myself and showed me that it's not about the path I take to get to my career or the downfalls I may endure along the way, it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities I have in front of me. This seminar pushed me to finish strong and show that women in STEM matter!



Azaria Hardin attended the 2017 Women in STEM Policy seminar during her freshman year at Trinity Washington University.  She attended this seminar with a scholarship sponsored by STEM for Her.

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