Finding What Truly Makes Me Happy

I first heard about PLEN through my work-study job at the Career Development Center at Alfred State College. My supervisor at the time recommended PLEN and encouraged me to apply to get the experience. I reviewed the website and immediately knew that this organization was the right fit for me.  I have experience in volunteer work, fundraising, and philanthropy but have never had the chance to receive the necessary tools to jump start my career after college. I believe that PLEN could help me expand my knowledge and encourage me to continue to fulfill my aspirations in the field of business and international relations. I plan on establishing a not-for-profit organization that targets children’s education in countries that suffer from a significant rate of poverty. PLEN helps empower young women and enables them to become the new revolutionary leaders in our generation. Focusing on women’s leadership is important to society and helps create a foundation to pave the way for other women as well.

Overall, the seminar exceeded my expectations and allowed me to interact with others who were a part that had similar goals. I enjoyed the fact that each day was in a different locations and allowed all participants to work together collectively every day. The sessions were very supportive, and the panel speakers were willing to answer all questions. I believe that the workshops gave me the opportunity to explore new careers paths and take into account what is that truly makes me happy. The most memorable moment is when I had the chance to network and delve into the context of other women goals and dreams. The networking event gave me the opportunity to interact with other business professionals and gain additional knowledge to further my career path. I learned that as business women, it is important to find a mentor to learn from and help with professional development. Utilizing PLEN’s strategies and information will give people the necessary tools to make the right decisions in life. As a management student, I know that building a team for support and receiving constructive feedback goes a long way.

Attending the Women Unlocking Nonprofits Seminar was a great experience. I came to Washington, D.C with many ideas of what I potentially thought would make great non-profit organizations. By the end of the program, I was sure of exactly what actions I needed to take to ensure my plans were obtainable. Before PLEN I had many uncertainties about my passion and whether I would have the ability to achieve my goals. The key speakers were the most influential because they all were in my position at a point in life. They assured me that it is okay to have minor setbacks and obstacles in life when deciding what makes you happy.  Building and maintaining relationships is vital to success in non-profits. I made some new friends and potential business partners during my stay in Washington. I encourage young women of this generation to continue to chase their dreams and use PLEN as a foundation to gain useful resources to achieve their goals.




Shavonne Noble graduated from Alfred State College in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently an MBA student at Alfred University.  She attended the PLEN Women Unlocking Nonprofits seminar in February 2017.

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