PLEN Gave Me a Taste of My Future 

Being a minority–as both hispanic and a woman–there is only so much optimism one can have for their future. My name is Chasity Sariol, and I want to beat the odds. As an average student coming from a low-middle income household, a job is necessary in order to pay for tuition bills and everyday life, which makes it hard to manage one’s studies and participation in extracurriculars.

In March of 2016, I was given the opportunity to attend the PLEN Women and Congress Seminar in Washington, DC, and it was life changing. PLEN taught me that there is always an opportunity or new person to meet who can help you fulfill your dreams. I spent the week working on Capitol Hill and meeting extraordinary women who have inspired me to continue my dreams in pursuing a public policy career. With the new skills I was taught and the incredible network of connections, PLEN gave me a taste of my future.

Thank you for the experience and thank you for the faith that was given with positivity and knowledge for a better future. Networks like PLEN give hope and so much empowerment for women. We all can beat these stereotypes and nay-sayers!


Chasity Sariol attended the 2016 Women and Congress seminar as a junior at The College of New Rochelle.

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