How PLEN Helped Me Believe in Myself

Attending a PLEN conference affirmed not only my aspirations, but my confidence in my own capabilities. I have long desired to attend law school. Being a lawyer is an occupation that requires dedication and perseverance. The women who spoke with and mentored us at the Women’s Law and Legal Advocacy seminar highlighted the various paths that lead to a career in the legal field.

I was fortunate to be referred to the PLEN network through an on-campus mentor at Tulane University. I am so thankful to have received funding from my university and the PLEN organization. Without this funding, I would have been unable to take part in one of the most impactful experiences of my life thus far. Attending this seminar was necessary to the confirmation of my belief in my own abilities.

The women who met and spoke with us on panels and during networking events were nothing short of inspiring. The caliber of women that PLEN allowed for us to interact with was far beyond my expectations. I will never forget meeting with Justice Sotomayor and the female clerks of the Supreme Court. It was truly a life altering experience. Justice Sotomayor’s humility highlighted one’s ability to accomplish even the most aspirational of goals.

Throughout the seminar I realized that women from all kinds of backgrounds and ideologies have made great strides in the arenas of law and policy. It is my hope to join the ranks of these women. Attending a PLEN seminar has introduced me not only to a network of strong women on which I will call on throughout my professional career, but to the strength that lies within myself as well. Hearing from and meeting with so many high achieving women has allowed me to see that I myself may one day join them with hard work and dedication. The Women’s Law and Legal Advocacy seminar marks the beginning of my legal education. I am so thankful for the opportunity to become a part of the Public Leadership Education Network.


Margaret Martin attended the 2015 Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy seminar as a junior at Tulane University.


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