Don’t Be Intimidated by Asking for Advice

The Women & Policy in the Global Community seminar in DC was without a doubt the most memorable and valuable experience of my college career.  I was able to meet women with experience that ranged from Embassy positions in Latin America to Labor Rights campaign leaders in the Middle East. I learned a lot about the people involved in foreign policy in DC, the many positions the city has to offer, and even more, the importance of networking and meeting new people.

I was approached by counselor, who insisted that I sign up for the trip after I expressed my interested in International Politics and Law. At first, it was just an idea, but as I received more information regarding the women I would meet and the places I would go, there was no way I was turning the opportunity down.

The seminar exceeded my expectations. Every afternoon, I would arrive at my hotel room mentally exhausted from everything each panel, keynote speaker, and “big name” politician has said. I felt extremely inspired by every person in the room, mentors and peers included. It made me want to live in DC and work hard, and above all it encouraged me to embrace success and never let any opportunity get away.

As for advice, I would say, approach EVERYONE and don’t shy away because you’re intimidated… your career opportunity could be standing right next to you. 


Kenia Viezcas attended the 2015 Women in Global Policy seminar as a freshman at Miami University of Ohio.  She received a scholarship to attend the seminar sponsored by TE Connectivity.

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