Take Advantage of This Opportunity!

It was truly an honor to have been selected as a scholarship recipient for the PLEN Seminar on Women’s Leadership in Public Policy. As a DMV local, I have a good deal of familiarity with Washington, D.C. However, in terms of professional experience, the glass ceiling is very much a reality. This seminar was wonderful in pushing through that barrier for me. I was able to connect with and learn about so many policy organizations that I never would’ve been able to engage with on my own, along with improving on more professional skills like negotiating salary and networking.

However, what I thought was most impressive was the diversity of the speakers. All of these successful women came from various cultural and economical backgrounds and in their own way, each persevered through struggles to get where they are now. They were willing to share those stories with us; the students with the current struggles, and that made all the difference in the quality of their encouragement and advice. They really made this an invaluable experience for me and I am very grateful to now be a PLEN alumna. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be able to give back to this organization in time and my one piece of advice if you’re reading this is to take advantage of this opportunity!




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While a graduate student at George Mason University, Katrina Kinsolving received a scholarship sponsored by Elizabeth Canales; Mary Frances Pearson; and Helen and Gary Kaenzig to attend the 2015 Women's Leadership in Public Policy seminar.

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