PLEN Inspired me to Shoot for the Moon

I learned about the summer PLEN360⁰ Summit from my internship coordinator at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. and I immediately applied for the scholarship and signed up for the program. Once I received the scholarship and was able to attend the Summit I was so excited to be able to collaborate with such other incredible women leaders in the D.C. area and all around the United States.

Learning more about professionalism in the work place, difficulties that face women today, and how to network our way to the top were all some of my favorite discussions during the Summit. Hearing from real-life women leaders in the public policy/political fields was a great opportunity and the contacts that I made with them will forever be something that I will hold on to. It was so encouraging to be with other motivated young women wanting to make a positive change in the world through public policy.

The discussions between PLEN participants and the Q & A sessions with the panelists and speakers was a great time for us to get to know one another and to learn more about how to be strong, ethical, and smart leaders in public policy in the future. PLEN really inspired me to shoot for the moon with my goals and ambitions in public policy in the future. In the end, even if we fall short, we’ll still land among the stars. And after attending the PLEN360⁰ Summit, I know that I will definitely be in good company.


Lindsey Kolb attended the 2014 PLEN360 Seminar during her junior year at Missouri State University.  Her scholarship was sponsored by Magdalena Rahn.

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