PLEN Scholarship Fund

What PLEN funds: The PLEN Scholarship Fund will assist students in funding a portion and/or all of the program and registration fees associated with attending the seminar.

What students fund: Student(s) awarded any level of scholarship will be responsible for any remaining dues for program and registration fees not covered by the scholarship award.

Recommended Qualifications: Currently enrolled undergraduate women, but current students and recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Due: On a rolling basis. Scholarship applications have differing deadlines dependent on the scholarship chosen. See specified seminar page for deadline.

How: The scholarship application for 2020-2021 can be found under the 'how to apply' page below.

Contact: Questions about the PLEN scholarship can be directed to

TYPes of scholarships

Ellie Shaw Scholarship

The Ellie Shaw Scholarship  is open to all students, with strong preference given to students attending PLEN seminars from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. To apply, please indicate your interest on the general application form. Made possible by personal donor contributions.


  • Writing a proposal for funding. A proposal is a brief statement expressing your interest in the PLEN program you wish to attend, and an integral part of applying for funding through your school. It is also important to know how to “pitch” a Funding Proposal to a potential sponsor.
  • PLEN alumnae have also used online crowdfunding tools ("friend-raisers") such as: