#PLENPower Mentor List

The most helpful and meaningful relationships I have had so far have been ones of mentorship and comradery, and PLEN taught me that it is never too early to initiate those relationships with others.

-Katie McConville, PLEN Alumna


Like winding career paths (or career jungle gyms,) your interests change and needs evolve over time. We believe the most effective mentoring relationships happen organically and on their own time. That’s why we’re giving you the power to grow your network in your own way.

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Every person on our #PLENPower Mentor List is ready and willing to connect with alumni in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for informational interviews in D.C., new friends in Los Angeles, or a speaker for an event in New York, there are PLEN mentors listed and ready to help you forge your path to leadership.

You're ready, Now connect.

Seminars are not the end.

Attending a PLEN seminar introduced you to a powerful network of professionals ready to help you. That support system doesn’t end when your seminar does. It continues through your first internship, first job, your decision to go to graduate school, learning to balance your professional life, and even when you decide to run for office. Wherever you are, know that there are people ready to reach behind and help you up the ladder.

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Each of us has a unique story to tell.

Sharing your story and experience is essential for supporting the next generation of women leaders. Help us share the #PLENPower with future women leaders and become a mentor today (it's free!).