Paperwork and Preparation

Two weeks before the start of your seminar, you will receive an email from PLEN staff with specific information about your seminar and paperwork that must be completed.


Pre-Seminar Paperwork

PLEN Student Handbook: you must read this prior to the start of your seminar.

PLEN waiver: you must sign and email this to PLEN staff before the start of your seminar.

Professional dress tips: you must read this prior to the start of your seminar.

Resume review tips and resume action verbs: you must read this document, prepare your resume and print out at least one copy before you arrive in D.C.

Action Items

  1. Print out your resume before you arrive in D.C.  On the last day of the seminar, you will participate in a resume review session.  In order to get the most out of the one-on-one resume mentoring sessions, you must have at least one copy of your resume printed out.  PLEN staff will not be able to print out your resume during the seminar.
  2. Order business cards online before you arrive in D.C.  During the seminar, you will be networking with other students, speakers, and mentors.  Having business cards on hand will be very helpful for you to connect with others.
  3. Update your information on Sched. When you register, you'll receive an invitation to Sched, which will host information about the seminar agenda, speakers, and other attendees. When you receive this email, create a Sched account, upload a headshot, fill out your bio, and set your profile to public so others students can connect with you.
  4. A few weeks before the seminar, PLEN staff will create a GroupMe for all seminar attendees and send you the link to join.