Michelle Zamperetti

Focusing on business development, program design, leadership and management, Michelle has spent her career working to develop strategies, programs, and policies that improve the health of individuals and communities.

She is a leadership and facilitation professional with business and leadership acumen who has provided high level planning, strategy development and technical assistance on a wide variety of issues including Health Systems Transformation, Performance Planning, Quality Improvement, Business Engagement, Health Infrastructure Innovation, Strategic Planning, as well as Program Planning, Design and Implementation. Michelle has also led large teams and managed organizational quality improvement projects.

She is an accomplished progressive leader with domestic public health experience in operations, staff management and oversight, training and leadership development, facilitation, marketing, program development and management, and strategic planning. Michelle also has a passion for organizational strategic growth, individual development, leadership training and skills building. She also loves working with teams as a coach, facilitator and trainer to guide people to their highest level of performance. Proven success in planning and implementing new and diverse programs, working with various constituencies, developing new partners and spearheading operational improvements.