Institutional Seminars

Co-Curricular Institutional Programming (CCIP)

PLEN can offer a unique co-curricular content for professional and career development as you navigate these unprecedented times:

General Workshops

  • Advocacy 101 (in collaboration with ONE Global Campaign)
  • Running for Office (in collaboration with with Running Start) 
  • How Washington Works

Introductory Panels  to Careers in...

  • STEM Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Lobbying
  • Advocacy/Law
  • Public Service
  • Capitol Hill
  • Campaigns
  • Global Affairs
  • Public Policy

Financial Literacy Sessions

  • Finances 101 (in collaboration with with Prudential)
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Planning for life after undergrad

Career Development Sessions

  • Networking 101: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Making the Most of LinkedIn
  • One-on-One Resume Reviews
  • One-on-One Informational Interviewing
  • Storytelling/Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
  • Working on Your Writing Sample
  • Interviewing in a Virtual Environment
  • Graduate School Dos and Don’ts

Topic or Issue-Based Panel Sessions

  • Energy and the Environment (i.e. Combating Climate Change; Effective Renewable Energy Policy; Policy Responses to Natural Disasters)
  • Technology (i.e. Data Policy  and Personal Privacy; Cybersecurity; Telecom Policy)
  • Health (i.e. Community Public Health Policy; Elder Health; Health Innovation; Telemedicine)
  • Global Affairs (i.e. International Development; Responding to Global Crises; Trade Policy; International Public Health; National Security)
  • Other Domestic Policy topics (i.e. Voting Rights; Education Policy, Gun Violence; Reproductive Health Policy; Tax Policy; Immigration Policy; Combatting Poverty; Communicating Policy)

...and many more!

All speakers and panelists are volunteers!

More information:

  • Mix and match sessions to meet your needs and timetable. Most sessions are 60-75 minutes long including 15 minutes of Q&A with the speaker or panelists. 
  • For an additional cost, some sessions can be tailored to meet the needs and/or majors of your students and/or coordinate with class readings or syllabi. 
  • There is no limit on the number of students who can participate with the exception of, one-on-one resume or informational interviews, which are limited to groups of 20 students.
  • All sessions will take place via Zoom. Attendees must have a working internet connection.
  • All sessions will be recorded for use by institutions after the live session. 
  • Sessions must be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. While we will do our best to accommodate a shorter timeline, we cannot guarantee the availability of our speakers.


  • $1,000 per live session
  • $2,500 for a ½ day (2-3 sessions)
  • $5,000 for a full day (4-5 sessions) OR 5 weekly or bi-weekly 60-75 minute sessions

*We are happy to work with you to accommodate your specific needs and budget constraints as much as possible.

For questions or to schedule your program today, please email with your institution, your desired session(s), and your preferred date/ time and someone will be in touch with you shortly.