College women who participate in our programs are uniquely prepared to enter the public leadership pipeline because of their experience with PLEN. As a national leadership organization committed to educating and training the next generation of women leaders, PLEN and our members share the conviction that programs designed specifically for women are critical to the development of women leaders in our society.

Students from PLEN member institutions receive discounts on all PLEN seminars. Membership is open to all colleges and universities and subsets within them such as political science departments, women’s studies programs, women’s centers, and career development centers.

PLEN provides three membership levels: associate member, consortium member, and full member institution.  Membership fees are paid in the summer, which provides students with discounted prices throughout the academic year.

If your institution is interested in becoming a member, please contact us at or at (202) 872-1585.  Learn more.



Alumnae Network

Whether you came to a PLEN seminar last year or 20 years ago, getting involved with the PLEN Alumnae Network is an important step in connecting with other amazing PLEN women and supporting future PLEN leaders.  PLEN alumnae are located in Washington, D.C. and across the country, so there are many ways to get involved!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the PLEN Alumnae Network, email and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on ways you can support and stay involved with PLEN.

The Plenary

The Plenary is an online community blog for PLEN alumnae and supporters to mentor, collaborate, and share essential professional and life lessons they’ve learned during and after their PLEN seminars.

PLEN is all about mentorship, networking, and support, and these themes constantly resonate in all of our lives.  Whether you’re months or years out of your seminar, in DC or not, still in college or in the C-Suite, we want to hear from you!  Share your PLEN story, professional tips, and life lessons online with the entire PLEN network.