PLEN: Thank you for celebrating with us

Almost one year ago, PLEN announced its Leadership Connection Series in conjunction with its 2018-2019 seminars in overall celebration of its 40th anniversary. Since then, PLEN has celebrated four decades of transformative relationships, mentorships, events, panels, and thought-provoking experiences--on top of inspiring more generations of thoughtful, ambitious women. Talk about a mid-life crisis. It IS … Continue reading PLEN: Thank you for celebrating with us

PLEN’s Mission at Work

Applying for internships in DC is notoriously stressful. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast amount of opportunities and the pressure to apply to the right places. As I was searching for opportunities to add to my seemingly never-ending spreadsheet of organizations in DC, PLEN immediately stood out to me. Because I had … Continue reading PLEN’s Mission at Work