board member

Amy Meli

Senior Director, Public Affairs Council

Amy currently serves as Senior Director of the Public Affairs Council. In that role, she oversees the Council’s benchmarking and serves as executive director of the Foundation for Public Affairs. Prior to her work at the Public Affairs Council, Amy served as vice president of grassroots consulting for Aristotle International, where she helped clients achieve their public affairs goals by building durable and effective grassroots programs.

Over the past 20 years, Meli has managed grassroots programs for Fortune 500 companies, associations, and nonprofit groups; established and managed third party coalitions; and advised clients on the effective use of software in accomplishing their public affairs goals. Prior to her work in public affairs, she worked on Capitol Hill for the Energy and Commerce Committee and then-Representative Richard Burr (R-NC).

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech in political science and communication studies, and a graduate degree in political management from The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. She is currently working on her PhD in political science at the University of Maryland. She lives in the Northern Virginia with her husband, son, and her dog, Charlotte.