After Your Seminar


As a PLEN alumna, you get a free month of access to our #PLENpower Mentor List, an ever-growing database of PLEN mentors across the world. It's $5 a month, but don't fret! Subscribe when you need to, unsubscribe when you need to. It's completely up to you. Your PLEN support system doesn’t end when your seminar does. Ask mentors about your first job or internship,  graduate school, professional work-life balance, etc. through informational interviews, group meetups or speaking engagements.

Alumnae Network

Upon completion of your PLEN seminar, you are a PLEN alumna and member of the PLEN Alumnae Network. The PLEN Alumnae Network is a group of women from across the country who are interested in connecting with fellow alumnae and getting more involved in PLEN programs.  As an alumna, you will automatically receive email updates from PLEN, which will notify you of PLEN news, upcoming events, and career advice.

Spread the word

As a PLEN alumna, you are our best resource for encouraging more students to attend a PLEN seminar and increasing the amount of women in public policy leadership roles.  Recommend a woman to attend a PLEN seminar, and contact us for more information and resources about spreading the word on your campus.

The Plenary Blog

The Plenary is an online community blog for PLEN alumnae and supporters to mentor, collaborate, and share essential professional and life lessons they’ve learned during and after their PLEN seminars.  While students who receive a scholarship are required to write a blog post for The Plenary, all students are encouraged to submit a blog post proposal.  Learn more about what we're looking for and how to submit.

LinkedIn Group

After your seminar, PLEN encourages all alumnae to join the PLEN Alumnae LinkedIn group.  Connecting with the PLEN network doesn't end after your seminar; there are PLEN alumnae all over the country, and our LinkedIn group is the perfect way for your to connect with other PLEN alumnae in your area, stay updated on events in D.C., and get notified of job and internship opportunities.