PLEN’s Social Media Ambassador Toolkit

Preparing You to Lead: The Power of Representation

Nadia DeCastris, PLEN Interim Programs Associate

How to use your voice to intensify PLEN’s mission to empower, educate, and engage women and marginalized gender groups in public policy to promote diverse, inclusive leadership in policymaking:

PLEN’s Social Media Ambassador Program provides students, member schools, and supporters the opportunity to use social media to spread the word about our mission, the communities we serve, and the possible experiences to be gained by getting involved with PLEN. Each graphic contains simplified information about PLEN and its purpose, the importance of policy, and an emphasis on educating and empowering women and marginalized gender groups to get involved in leadership roles.

This Social Media Ambassador Toolkit a simplified way to become involved with PLEN. By sharing and uplifting our work on their social media pages — you can use your voice to make a difference.

Downloadable infographics

Unlock the Power of PLEN with these infographics, and share on all media platforms. Don't miss out on this incredible resource - download now!

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