Learning Skills That Set Me Apart

I learned about PLEN from my roommate who attended the Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy seminar last year. After the seminar, my roommate came home and told me about this wonderful conference that gave her the opportunity to learn more about women with experience in the legal field. I was immediately enamored by the idea of attending a conference that is geared towards preparing young women for the workforce and to be able to have the chance to meet and learn from prominent women in the field of our choice. Therefore, I began perusing through PLEN’s website and discovered the Women in Global Policy seminar.

As a recent graduate and as someone who majored in International Relations and Women’s Studies, the Women in Global Policy seminar aligned with my interests. The seminar exceeded my expectations and gave me a great set of resources to utilize while I’m in DC. My goal is to work for the State Department or UN Women at some point in my life, therefore, the day we visited the State Department and met with Ambassadors were my favorite part of the seminar. I learned about the particular skill set it takes to succeed in the field of foreign policy and how our experience as women sets us apart from the rest. This seminar, as a whole, reaffirmed my plans to work in the field of global policy and women’s issues. I am grateful to all the people I’ve met in this conference and so incredibly glad that I had the opportunity to attend the Women in Global Policy seminar.




Sanika Salim graduated from the University of Delaware in 2017 with a major in Women and Gender Studies and a minor in Political Science.  She attended the 2017 Women in Global Policy seminar.

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