PLEN Taught Me to Live Life as I Pursue My Dreams

I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming into the Women in STEM Policy seminar, and I clearly did not know much about STEM policy, knowing what I know now after attending the seminar. I have to thank Louise Peabody and Marian McKee at STEM for Her for sponsoring my scholarship to the seminar because I have gained so much valuable wisdom and knowledge from the experience.

There was so much to learn! Listening to all the women talk about their experiences of how they got to where they are now and what they do was enlightening. There was a common theme amongst the speakers and panelists of following their interests and ultimately finding the job they really like and where they fit in. Now, I feel less worried and concerned with my future career and plans, as that theme reinforced the idea that I just need to enjoy the present and pursue my interests no matter how small or big. I will eventually find my way to where I want to be. Additionally, experiencing this seminar with about forty other girls made my week in DC so much more valuable. Not only was I able to learn from the speakers but I was also able to learn from my peers and their experiences as well. We bounced ideas and stories back and forth to hopefully help each other further achieve our goals, and now I have new friends to connect with. Thank you so much PLEN for this experience!


Jenny Fang attended the 2016 Women in STEM Policy seminar as a freshman at Claremont McKenna College.

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