I’m Definitely on the Right Track

Some people have moments of clarity, where they know they are on the right track. That is what the PLEN Women in Global Policy seminar was for me. I knew that I wanted a career in international relations, but I didn’t know what exactly my options were once I graduated. Thanks to the seminar, I now know that there are a variety of options, and I am definitely on the right career path.

Since my university is not a PLEN member school, I had no idea about the opportunities that existed through PLEN. A family friend and mentor told me about the seminar. At first, I had my doubts – I didn’t need to learn more about foreign policy; I knew enough already, or so I thought. Eventually I was convinced by my friend to attend, especially since the schedule of the seminar promised visits to the U.S. Capitol and the Department of State. I do not regret this decision for a single second. While some of what I already knew was affirmed, I gained so much more insight into the career of international relations and what one can really do with a degree in this field. Not only did I learn more about different career paths, but I also learned important business skills such as resume building, networking, and creating a LinkedIn profile.

Thanks to PLEN and my scholarship sponsor, Ms. Jen Stange, I was able to attend this life-changing seminar, where I was surrounded by 50 other like-minded, inspirational women. I had incredible opportunities to listen and engage with different panelists and speakers from all kinds of different areas within the field of foreign policy. I was challenged in my ways of thinking and had the experience of touring a majorly influential think-tank. I learned so much during this seminar, and I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned to the real world! The Women & Policy in the Global Community seminar confirmed my dreams of a career within the field of international relations, and it gave me the tools to accomplish just that.


Molly Willeford attended the 2015 Women in Global Policy seminar as a junior at Illinois Wesleyan University.  She received a scholarship sponsored by PLEN Board of Directions member Jen Stange.

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