Women’s Leadership in Public Policy

Seminar Dates | January 14-17, 2014

Explore the policy issues you care about and the range of career opportunities in the policy world.

Law Students at Capitol

Career options in the public policy field are endless, ranging from government service to issue advocacy for nonprofit and for-profit organizations. College women will explore how to influence the issues they care about and understand the range of professional opportunities and skills required to be successful in each.  Over the course of the seminar, students will network and learn from female leaders on Capitol Hill, the executive branch, government agencies, nonprofits, and private corporations. See the 2014 Women’s Leadership in Public Policy Seminar.

Discuss newsworthy issues: Learn about the policy issues that make our nation’s headlines from the women who work to advance policy every day. View past seminar schedule.

Launch your career: Coaching sessions on such topics as networking, resume writing, and informational interviews offer extraordinary advantages for finding jobs and fellowships. Learn how to network and then practice your networking skills with policy leaders from a variety backgrounds.

Discover new issues: Seminar speakers have worked on issues ranging from finance to sustainability to social justice, and come from the private, public, and government sectors. Find a policy issue that moves you and get advice on how to start your career in that field.

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