Women Unlocking Nonprofits

2017 Seminar Dates | February 16 – 18
2018 Seminar Dates | To Be Announced

Women interested in a mission-based career will benefit from meeting top level professionals from a variety of nonprofit organizations.  Nonprofits offer the unparalleled opportunity to contribute and excel while making a difference.  College women will learn from professional women working in nonprofit advocacy, direct service, policy, research, and fundraising in Washington, DC.

Global 14 MSMC students

 Seminar Highlights

2014 Unlocking Nonprofits Seminar students infographic •  2016 seminar agenda • 2017 seminar photos

Create change through your work: Learn about the local and national nonprofit landscape.

Develop a career plan: Hear from practitioners who will share advice about the skills and experience needed to excel in the nonprofit field.

Build your network: Meet with students and recent graduates from across the country interested in becoming nonprofit professionals.


Seminar Fees

Seminar Fee:

$325 for Students from PLEN Member Institutions (See if your school is a PLEN Member)

$525 for Students from Non-PLEN Schools

The seminar fee includes the $125.00 non-refundable registration fee and some meals, indicated on the seminar schedule that you will receive. Students are expected to pay for all other additional costs associated with attending the seminar, including travel, housing, and meals outside of the ones indicated.

Housing Costs (optional):

PLEN has negotiated a discount rate with the Carlyle Suites Hotel in Washington, DC. Please do not contact the hotel to make a reservation; PLEN will make the reservation for you.


PLEN scholarships will assist students in funding a portion and/or all of program and registration fees associated with attending the seminar. Student(s) awarded any level of scholarship will be responsible for funding their own transportation, meals and any remaining dues for program and registration fees not covered by the scholarship award. Preference will be given to currently enrolled undergraduate women, but current students and recent graduates are welcome to apply.

Further questions about the PLEN scholarship can be directed to plen@plen.org.


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