Wilson College

Meet our Ambassadors

Amrisha Vaidya

Name: Amrisha Vaidya

PLEN Program: Women & International Policy 2013

Major: International Studies and Economics

My Favorite PLEN Moment: I loved the site visits to the UNWFP and Amnesty International- it was really interesting to go to different organizations and understand their work and women who are involved in it.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I’m a PLEN Ambassador because I enjoyed my PLEN experience and learned a lot from it! I would love to help other students at my college gain the same experience and want to tell other women to pursue their goals and careers. PLEN is an incredible opportunity and I believe women should be involved and inspired by it!



Name: Ghada Tafesh

PLEN Program: Women’s Leadership in Public Policy 2014

Major: Biology and English

My Favorite PLEN Moment: Honestly, it is really hard to pick a particular moment. I loved everything about the PLEN seminar. I enjoyed  the Panel discussions and being given the opportunity to hear about several remarkable women’s careers, experiences, and passions. Also, I was very fortunate to have the chance to meet many young, striving women and be part of a network of many experienced and inspiring women leaders.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: PLEN was an eye-opening experience that made me more confident in my abilities and skills. I learned a lot from PLEN and I would love to share my experience with other Wilson women. I believe that women who are looking to advance their careers and exploring their options are worthy of receiving the same opportunity and encouragement I received from PLEN.