Tulane University

Meet our Ambassadors

NIMG_1839ame: Courtney Liss

PLEN Program: Women and International Policy 2013

Major: History and Political Science

My Favorite PLEN Moment: Hearing Pamela Reeves speak about how she wound up being the Senior Advisor to the Nike Foundation and the United Nations- her career story was incredible, and her advice was invaluable. I’ve never heard a story that made me think that anything was possible as much as hers.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I had an amazing time at PLEN and want to give back! It was incredible to meet all those amazing women, and I would love to help women at my school get the same experience, especially because Newcomb designates grants for undergraduate women to attend!


Paula Trucios

Name:Paula Andrea Trucios

PLEN Program: Women & International Policy 2012

Major: Marketing

My Favorite PLEN Moment: Getting to meet diplomats from Canada and hearing about not only their professional lives but also how it has affected their personal life.

 Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: PLEN was a really great way for me to learn about the different ways to get involved in the international community. I believe that there are a lot of women at my school who are not necessarily studying about it but would love to get involved with the international community like me.



WeinbergName: Sarah Weinberg

PLEN Program: Women and International Policy 2012

Major: Vocal Performance and Anthropology

Favorite PLEN Moment: My favorite PLEN moment was visiting Victoria at the Council on Foreign Relations. Hearing about her experiences in the Office of Foreign Service made me even more excited about pursing a career in International Policy!

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I am a PLEN Ambassador because I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion for international policy with other undergraduate women. I want to be able to inspire other women to pursue their career goals, whether they be inside or outside the international policy field, and I believe that PLEN is an incredible opportunity to do that.