Rutgers University

Meet our Ambassador

Chelsea Jeskie

Name: Chelsea Jeskie

PLEN Program: Women & International Policy 2012

Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies

Favorite PLEN Moment: Visiting the Egyptian Embassy

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I want other young women to enjoy the PLEN program as much as I did and I want them to learn about all the amazing opportunities that are available for women to succeed in international relations.





Lindsey Sigmund

Name: Lindsey Sigmund

PLEN Program: Women & Congress Seminar 2013

Major: Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior

Favorite PLEN Moment:  Having the opportunity to converse with students from all over the country throughout the seminar were some of my favorite moments. While learning the ins and outs of success in the realm of public policy, I was able to have conversations with other like-minded women. This created a solidarity in which we all gained knowledge and grew together as a group.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: There are many women attending Rutgers University who are interested in public policy, therefore I feel it is important that they are aware of the amazing opportunities that PLEN provides students.




Incoming Ambassador for 2014-2015

AneeshaCheedallaName: Aneesha Cheedalla

PLEN Program: Science and Health Policy 2014

Major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Favorite PLEN Moment: Visiting the White House Executive Office and meeting science policy advisors

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I learned many professional skills from PLEN that will help me become a more successful person and I would like others to learn the same skills for success. I also really enjoyed the intersection that PLEN presented between science and political science and I think it is a very important area to consider while studying science.