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Meet our Ambassadors


Name: Taylor Rugg

PLEN Program: Unlocking Nonprofits 2015

Major: War, Warfare, & the Soldier Experience and Writing and Rhetoric

My Favorite PLEN Moment: One of the panelists worked for an organization that I had come across in my research, and meeting her was the first time that I felt validated in my studies.  She encouraged my passion and gave me valuable information about other research and organizations for me to use as I move forward.  Everyone had been talking about networking during the entire seminar and in that moment, I felt that I really understood the concept and the benefit of networking and making connections.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: The validation and passion that I experienced while at the PLEN seminar is one that I strive for more students to feel.  PLEN is not only about learning about the ins and outs of policy or nonprofits, but also about empowering and educating women so that they can go above and beyond what they believed they were capable of.