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Meet our Ambassadors


CourtneyFranceschiName: Courtney Franceschi

PLEN Program: Science and Health Policy 2014

Major: Biology

My Favorite PLEN Moment: My favorite PLEN moment was visiting the National Institute of Health. On the panel, each woman spoke about her professional career, personal life, and how it is possible to succeed in both realms. The strength and determination exemplified within their stories were empowering. During the tour of the institution, we visited labs and spoke with scientists about their research. As a biology major and aspiring physician it was an unbelievable experience.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: I am a PLEN Ambassador because of the new attitude that I left the PLEN seminar with – I can succeed and I will. This attitude was shaped as a reaction to the inspiring women that I met during the PLEN seminar and I want to help other young women benefit from this experience.


ChalwynCaulkerName: Chalwyn Caulker

PLEN Program: Women’s Leadership in Public Policy 2014

Major: International Relations and French

My Favorite PLEN Moment: Walking around with my group on our way to the many site visits.

Why I’m a PLEN Ambassador: Being surrounded by a group of diligent students and hearing from the various accomplished women in Washington was an eye-opening experience. I can confidently say, due to the concrete foundation that PLEN created for me, I know the path I want to take during my college years and beyond: a strong, stable leader that strives for imminent change in the world. I want other to explore and experience the countless opportunities that PLEN has to offer.