How can I receive funding?

PLEN offers need-based financial aid to outstanding college women for each of our seminars. Find out more below:

Where else can I look for possible funding?

College women who want to attend a PLEN seminar have successfully applied for and received funding from their academic institutions and other organizations by writing and pitching a proposal for funding. We have developed these sample materials for students to use as they begin their funding search.

A proposal is a brief statement expressing your interest in the PLEN program you wish to attend, and an integral part of applying for funding through your school. It is also important to know how to “pitch” a Funding Proposal to a potential sponsor. Here are some pointers on how to make your pitch to attend a PLEN seminar successful. See below for examples of successful proposals from PLEN alumna.

A Guide to Writing a Proposal and Pitch to attend a PLEN Seminar

Sample Proposal for PLEN Seminars

Sample Statement of Interest for PLEN Seminars

Knowing your budget is important to both you and your funder. By drafting a concise and clear budget, you will inform your funder where their money will be going. Make sure you include things like airfare, food, and lodging, and the total amount of expenses.

Budget to Attend a Week Long Seminar

Budget to Attend a PLEN Weekend Seminar

Online crowdfunding tools like Fund Dreamer, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, and Kickstarter can help students do a “friend-raiser.”