Naomi Senkeeto

Seminar: Women, Law & Public Policy (2001)Senkeeto_website

Occupation: Senior Policy Manager, Office of Policy and Representation, BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA)

Education: MA, Public Policy, concentrations in Global Public Health and Women’s Studies,

George Washington University (2005)

BA, Political Science cum laude, Douglass Residential College, Rutgers University, (2002) (A PLEN Member School)

Senkeeto’s PLEN Experience

Naomi Senkeeto had all intentions of entering the legal field when she decided to attend PLEN’s Women, Law and Public Policy Seminar in 2001.

“I thought I wanted to go to law school. I didn’t necessarily want to be a lawyer, but [decided] this is the path I want to take,” Senkeeto said.

However, the current Associate Director of Policy and Strategic Alliances at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) soon discovered that she did not necessarily have to get a law degree to work in the policy field. “I really don’t think I would have my job or I wouldn’t have taken the same career path had it not been for PLEN.”

Senkeeto learned from the PLEN Law Seminar that law school may not have been the best choice for her. Following her undergraduate studies, Senkeeto became a legislative assistant in the Public Policy Government Relations Department at the American Association of University Women. Senkeeto then transitioned into health policy, and worked for the Reproductive Health Technologies Project and the American College of Physicians. Senkeeto was also recently promoted from Manager of Health Policy at the ADA.

Senkeeto values the personal relationships the PLEN staff advised her and other students to have with the speakers. “Years later I’m still really good friends with my mentor that I met, Erin Barclay,” said Senkeeto. “It was really helpful that we were encouraged to strike up relationships and then when we did, they were real relationships.”

“My PLEN experience is one of the most influential impacting experiences I’ve had career-wise,” says Senkeeto. “I definitely don’t think I’d be in the same position now without having had the PLEN experience. Everywhere I turn, PLEN has somehow had an influence on my career path.”

By Kristina Hamilton