Development Committee

What is the PLEN Development Committee?

The Development Committee consists of individuals with an interest in encouraging women’s leadership development by creating greater awareness of PLEN in the policy and business community in Washington, D.C. The primary role of the Development Committee is to generate revenue to support PLEN’s activities, conduct fundraising events, and solicit corporate or foundation grants and other financial support.

Why become a member of the Development Committee?

As a member of the Development Committee, you are directly supporting the efforts of an organization that has helped thousands of young women go on to improve their representation among leadership in congressional offices, federal agencies, state legislatures, nonprofits, the private sector, and more. Additionally, the Development Committee provides a great opportunity to develop or utilize your fundraising skills and build relationships with or tap into your network of key business, government, and community leaders and organizations throughout Washington, D.C.

What are the responsibilities for members of the Development Committee?

In conjunction with staff, work to create a strategic annual development plan and a 3-year development plan to continue and potentially expand PLEN programs.

  • Work to create a strategic annual Development plan and a 3-year Development plan to continue and potentially expand PLEN programs
  • Increase the number of students attending PLEN seminars through scholarships and by maintaining the lowest possible fee structure
  • Commit to donating or raising at least $1,000 during the fiscal year
  • Assist with additional donor cultivation and fundraising efforts
  • Sponsor or raise donations for several fundraising/special events through sponsorships and/or ticket sales; participate in receptions
  • Participate in monthly committee planning conference calls

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